Energy Solutions

Energy Service Agreements

Providing the right maintenance at the right time is key to getting the efficiencies out of the systems that operate your building. Our energy service agreements are specifically designed around your facilities equipment and manufacturers recommendations.

Our maintenance plans are proven to reduce energy consumption by 10%. Not only can the right maintenance reduce energy consumption, ATIGROUP will help pinpoint inefficient system operations and put a plan in place to correct any problems. Other benefits of utilizing our planned maintenance programs include reduced repair costs and extended equipment life therefore maximizing all systems for their potential operational life.

Energy Benchmarking

ATIGROUP’s professional engineers will compare the utility history against known benchmarks to identify opportunity for cost savings.  This will give you an idea what opportunity exists to reduce your energy spend.

For example, the annual utility cost in dollars per square foot is compared against the national average for buildings of the same type.  The energy utilization index (EUI) is also calculated (this is a measure of the building’s annual energy use per square foot).

Energy Analysis

An in-depth energy analysis will be conducted by ATIGROUP’s professional and certified energy managers to determine the magnitude of energy wasted by equipment and operations and recommend solutions by modeling your building in a virtual world plus or minus 5% of your actual energy consumption. 

This process allows us to pinpoint all the things that use or lose energy in your facility. Prioritized Life cycle energy conservation solutions are then recommended based on real time consumption and savings for your buildings operation. ATIGROUP specializes in comprehensive energy analyses in accordance with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers’ (ASHRAE) Level I, II, and III audit procedures.  An energy audit is a great option for any facility looking to reduce utility and repair costs or to develop a prioritized plan for replacing equipment and building components.

An ATIGROUP energy analysis is not limited to mechanical systems only.  We perform a complete evaluation of the building envelope, electrical systems, lighting systems, domestic water heating systems, and temperature control systems.  Specialized equipment such as kitchen and laboratory exhaust hoods are also included.

Maintenance  Operations

ATIGROUP’s service and engineering professionals will spend time with your staff to ensure that you are maintaining and operating your building in a manner consistent with your business and its goals.  Energy cost savings, extended equipment life, reduced repairs can be achieved by matching the building performance to the needs of the space.

Equipment replacements & RETROFITS

Updating your building’s systems with today’s technology is a good way to utilize the latest energy savings technologies without making a large capital investment and disrupting your business. 

ATIGROUP engineers will provide an energy and economic analysis for energy conservation measures that will improve building performance.  When it is necessary to replace your equipment we will work with you to determine the product that best fits your needs.  The time to invest in replacement equipment is an excellent time to right-size equipment to the present day requirements.

Partnering with Utility Suppliers

ATIGROUP is a strong supporter of the commercial and industrial incentive programs offered by local utility providers.  We have been a Trade Ally for the past 3 years, promoting their incentive programs to our customers.  

In 2009, ATIGROUP documented and received more natural gas savings incentives for our customers than any other contractor in Michigan and the last two years we have been in the top 8 in the state.  We evaluate every project for rebate eligibility and fill out the applications for you!


Please click here to view the DTE  2012 PRESCRIPTIVE BUSINESS INCENTIVES.

Not with Consumers Energy or DTE? ATIGROUP has consultants that specialize in what incentives are available from your utility supplier.

Energy Star Evaluation & Rating

We practice what we preach. ATIGROUP’s office is Energy Star Certified and has been since 2009.  We understand what it takes to work your way through this process and offer Energy Star certification services to our customers.  

With just 12 months of utility data and a short survey about the building’s usage, we are able to determine your building’s Energy Star rating from the website.  If your Energy Star rating is 75 or higher, ATIGROUP will complete the application process for you, including approval by a Professional Engineer.

Certified Energy Management  

ATIGROUP has Certified Energy Managers on staff to help a building owner pinpoint any areas where energy consumption can be reduced. 

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

ATIGROUP offers LEED Accredited Professionals to manage your next LEED project, whether it’s a new building, a renovation, or simply the roll out of new operations practices. 

We have been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2007 and have worked on several LEED projects.  ATIGROUP served as the LEED Project Administrator for a LEED Gold-Certified renovation of the Tremco Incorporated World Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.