Energy Solutions

Providing the right maintenance at the right time is key to getting the efficiencies out of the systems that operate your building.


Engineering Services

ATIGROUP provides full service design engineering expertise covering the complete spectrum of mechanical and electrical systems.


Facility Management Services

ATIGROUP provides a wide array of customized agreements, from HVAC services to electrical and plumbing.


Construction Period Services

ATIGROUP maintains a level of expertise when it comes to managing projects in the construction period service phase.


Full Service

Our Service Department employs factory-trained technicians that have extensive experience in servicing a myriad of HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security, and building control systems. Our technicians are recognized throughout the industry as top performers.


At ATIGROUP, we understand that data centers are literally the nerve center of any organization. As such, we design, build, and service all support systems with this in mind. Our goal is to always protect customer data while simultaneously ensuring maximum "up time" to enable the customer to continue to operate in the event of an outage or other power issues.

Who We Are

At ATIGROUP we are the leaders in our industry providing sustainable building solutions, focusing on innovative and cost effective building systems management. We offer building owners a broad range of comprehensive energy-savings options, helping them identify and implement key ways of reducing operational expenses.

ATIGROUP's entire team remains at the forefront of green technologies and practices, enabling a rapid commercialization of these technologies for the benefit of all our customers.